Baccarat formula that never loses

Baccarat formula that never loses


If asked who asked this question I can tell you that every baccarat gambler. You must have asked this question for sure. Because at the beginning of playing baccarat beginning There are not many people who will play baccarat and get money. Most of them lost money first. because I don’t know how to play Or how to see the card layout? When you lose money, you want to know. I want a formula that will win the game of Baccarat, sure enough.


Before we talk about the baccarat formula. Let me talk about the card game of Baccarat first. that in placing bets, the main We can choose to bet on 3 sides together, namely, the player’s side, the banker’s side, and in determining the winner, will look at the 2 cards on each side primarily as follows:


  1. If the player’s side of the banker receives 2 cards, a total of 8 points,9 points is considered the side with the highest score (8,9) wins immediately


  1. The player side has 2 cards with a total point of 7 points, and while the banker side has a total point of 6 points, it is considered that the player side wins immediately.


  1. And if the player side has a point less than or equal to 5, where the banker If the total point is less than or equal to 7, the player’s side is dealt 1 card for a total of three cards. After that, add all the points, whichever side is greater than that side, wins.


  1. For the draw side, if both sides get equal points, it will be considered as a draw, regardless of whether we bet on the player’s side. or the banker’s side We will get the bet back. Except that in that turn we will always bet on the side. We will prevail in that turn.


This technical know-how doesn’t really need much knowledge. because the dealer Dealer will deal for all of us. According to the rules of baccarat, we just wait and see the results. which side will win