Blackjack The hot in casino

Blackjack The most popular game in casinos

The game of Blackjack has a rather fixed style of play. That is, it will use the calculation of the face of the card. in which the gambler must compete with the dealer Using a total of 52 cards in 1 deck, the game of blackjack is so popular that some casinos have to add more cards to accommodate the gambler’s play. Sometimes increased to 6 decks and sometimes up to 8 decks depending on the number of tables and how many gamblers are playing. But no matter how many cards are used The main purpose is to combine the card points to get 21 or as close as possible. which if it exceeds 21 will lose immediately

How to play blackjack

In the first step, the dealer will deal 1 card around the circle to each person until 20 rounds are complete, which will be dealt to the side gambler before looping until the dealer is the last person. The dealer’s card will be shown 1 card face up and 1 card face down. The dealer’s minimum is 17, and the gambler’s minimum is 16. Who has the lowest? You can fold or ask for more cards. which can be added until the points are close to 21, but caution is If asked for too many cards, there is a high chance that the cards will exceed 21. Blackjack’s card points are as follows: Aces or A has a value of 11 or 1, KQJ has a value of 10, while cards of different numbers such as 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 is worth all these numbers.

Blackjack Strategy

by the very popular strategy There will be a specific nomenclature for the abbreviation H = draw more cards , S = stand (do not ask for more), DH = double (double the money to call more cards), DS = ask for more money. but don’t ask for more cards) SP = split cards for people who get the same number of pairs of cards, SU = agree or ask to draw more

For how to increase the bet or split the cards in the event of a pair of cards. which is that the gambler with the cards in the hand is having an advantage For example, if the player has 10 points and the dealer has only 2-9 points, or the gambler has 13 points and the banker has 2-12 points, or if ace 5 or ace 6 but the dealer has only 2-5 points, something like this will Able to do separate pairs which increases the bet It will allow players to have a chance to get high scores. increase with And this is the most popular blackjack strategy used by professional gamblers. For novice gamblers learning to play blackjack. Should study and learn more techniques and be sure to bet often. to enhance the experience