History of popular gambling games

Casino is a website that is very popular, especially card games such as baccarat, tiger, dragon, today we bring the history of card games for players to see the history of cards. each other and how to play a little card

The cards are pieces of thick paper. thin cardboard plastic coated paper cotton blended paper or some plastic which is specially prepared There are pattern markers and marks. Used as part of a card game set. General cards are sized to fit in the hand for easy holding. A complete set of cards is called. pile of cards or deck of cards (British English:

pack, American: deck, or internationally, set) and the cards that a player holds at a certain point in time during a card game are often called hands. A deck of cards can be used for many card games. game By using different skills and opportunities, some games are played for money. Card games are also used for magic, building blocks,

fortune telling and memory sports, with the face of each card having a mark that separates it from the other cards in the deck. and determine its use under the rules of the game being played The reverse side of each card in the same deck is the same. and often have one color or have a formal design.
card game history

Origin of playing cards originated in China (Who can’t imagine, think about playing Mahjong, see if you can) India and Persia and then spread to Europe. through trade routes There is evidence that it appeared in Switzerland in 1377 and spread to major European cities such as Basel, Florence, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Rosenborg and port cities along various shipping routes.

But the evidence in Europe that talks about playing cards Most are often said during 14th – 15th centuries in the form of orders from the kings and churches in Europe to prohibit playing cards, so it is believed that during that time Playing cards is so prevalent in Europe and has a wide social impact that major institutions have to come out to play a role in controlling many playing cards.

Basic playing steps

1. Players place bets before starting to deal cards. The dealer can limit bets.

2. The dealer will shuffle the cards. And dealt 2 cards to each player and the dealer each 2 tickets left or right, but the dealer will be the last

3. I think the combination of the 2 cards to score

4. Players who knock, whether 8 or 9, show their cards to measure results immediately.

  1. After the dealer has received two cards will check the cards If the dealer is poked, all players must show their cards immediately.6. If the dealer does not pok All players have the right to draw a 3rd card.

    7. The dealer can draw 2 or 3 cards with the player before the 3rd card is
    drawn. The dealer will call the third card. (Or call optional) to continue playing with the remaining players.

    9. Players can stop playing at any time. But had to wait to finish it before the eyes

    10. The dealer must be announced at least three eyes before quitting

    the advantages of gambling cards.

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