How to play baccarat in full

New players may not know how to play baccarat online. Or maybe they don’t even know Baccarat card games, so for beginners, Baccarat is considered the most popular card game. Therefore, this is the reason why almost every online casino site for real money 2020 is open to enjoy the baccarat card game

for this article. We will introduce details about online baccarat in full for new players,

how to play baccarat online (baccarat online), starting to become a pro.

  1. What is baccarat?

Baccarat is a card game that originated in France. Since the 19th century after the game of Baccarat was published all over the world And it’s getting more and more popular. Until becoming a popular game of online casinos, which is not just in Thailand. Not only has it been popular all over the world.

Baccarat is a game that brings together 5 decks of cards. The Joker card was taken out. and in each round Up to 3 cards can be dealt by dividing players into 2 sides which are banker and player. And which side has a higher score, will win.

2. How to play baccarat online (preliminary form)

Quite simple and uncomplicated.

First of all: Players have 15 seconds to decide where to place their bets

• Player (far left)
• Banker (far right)
• Tie (in the middle). )

Next: After placing bets The dealer will deal the cards. to both the player side and banker with a maximum of 3 cards per side.

Final: The counting of points depends on Player’s card and banker With the right to issue results in 3 ways:

• Player wins
• Banker wins
• or always

and this is how to play baccarat online for new members. By novice players should remember 3 basic rules before having fun in online

casinos. It is a very easy game to play. And the payout rate is quite high compared to other games. in online casinos Therefore, it is no wonder why Baccarat is the most popular game of all time.

3. How to Play Baccarat Online (Advanced) – Dealing Rules

According to the rules explained above The dealer will be able to deal cards to both the player’s side. And the banker has a maximum of 3 cards, but the 3rd card will not be dealt in every turn, which the player and banker To receive a 3rd card the following conditions must be met: First 2 cards:

At the start of the game, the dealer will deal cards to the player’s side. and the banker is equal to 2 cards, then have to look at the cards first If you want to summon a third card, you need to look at these conditions. whether it can be done or not

3rd Bait Calling:

@Player’s side: Score is greater than 6, stays on

first 2 card points: 0-5 points

• If Banker’s point is not 8-9 => Player can call more.
• If Banker’s point is 8-9 => Player cannot call up
First 2 Card Points: 6-7 Points => In (Can’t Call Up)

First 2 Card Points: 8-9 Points

• win automatically If Banker’s point is lower than
• Draw if Banker’s score is equal.

@Banker’s side: Must depend on the player’s

score. First 2 card scores: 0-2 points.

• If the player’s point is not 8-9 => Banker can be summoned
• If Player’s point is 8-9 => Banker cannot be summoned

* Cards of 3 points or more must depend on Whether the player side draws the 3rd card or not

the first 2 card points: 3 points

• If the player calls the 3rd card and gets 8 points => Banker is. (Don’t call the 3rd card)
• If the Player calls a 3rd card and gets a point other than 8 => Banker calls a 3rd card gets First 2 Card Score: 4 points

• If the Player calls a card 3rd card and get 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 points => Banker can call 3rd card
• If the player draws a card other than 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 points => Bank ger is (No need to call 3rd card ) First 2 Card Score: 5 Points

• If Player Summons 3rd Card and get 4, 5, 6, 7 Points => Banker can call 3rd card.
• If the player draws a card other than 4, 5, 6, 7 cards => Banker (Do not call 3rd card ) First 2 Card Score: 6 Points

• If Player Calls 3rd Card and Gets 6, 7 Points => Banker Can Call 3rd Card
• If Player Calls Non 6, 7 points => Banker in (Do not call the 3rd card ) First 2 Card Score: 7 Points Banker is. (No need to draw 3rd card ) First 2 Card Score: 8>9 Points

• Banker wins automatically. If the Player side has a lower score
• Draw will be drawn if the point is equal to the Player side* If the Player does not call a 3rd card
• Banker draws an additional card if the first 2 cards total 0-. 5 points

4. Score counting system in Baccarat
0, J, Q, K will be equal to 0
points, other score cards will have the same face value.

5. Payout rates in online baccarat games


Introducing 3 betting options (Most Popular)

• Banker 1:0.95 (Commission)
• Player 1:1
• Draw 1:9

Other Options Betting. (Player bets not much)

• Player Pair: payout odds 1 to 11 (Player side gets 2 cards face up).
• Banker Pair: Pays 1 to 11 (Banker side gets 2 cards face-up)
• Small: Pays 1 to 1.5 (the total number of cards both sides are 4 cards)
• Big: Pays 1 to 0.5 (Number of cards from both sides can be 5 or 6 cards)
• Player Pok 8 or 9: Payout ratio 1 to 8 (2 Player cards get 9 or 8)
• Banker Pok 8 or 9: payout ratio 1 to 8 (2 banker cards get 9 or 8)
• Super 6+: Payout ratio 1 to 18 (Banker wins at 6 points, with either 2 or 3 cards)

6. Baccarat Commission & No Commission
(1) Commission available:

• Banker payout rate. 1 to 1 if the banker Wins in all cases except 6.
• Banker payout ratio is 1 to 0.5 if Banker Wins with 6 Score

(2) No Commissions:

• Banker payout is 1 to 0.95 and the casino earns 5% commission from winners

Choosing to play baccarat commission will give you better returns than no commission.


Here is all the details about how to play Baccarat online with real money, from the basics to the advanced techniques. This is an in-depth article on how to play baccarat online that cannot be found anywhere else. which after reading this article