River Martingal

from the topics mentioned above. I believe that most of the gamblers have already used the Martingale formula a lot. Because this formula is a method of walking money in casino games that many people still use or use often, that is, when losing a bet, increase the bet in the next turn by 2 times until the bet wins. which we remember the return capital with profit

But notice that this formula for walking money It is a reversible martingale where the movement of money is opposite. by the reverse martingale money walking formula There is a way to make money, that is, when it’s right, it will take the capital plus the profit to play again in the second time. When wrong or right until satisfied, will go back to start step 1 again.

For example, the playing step is 1 > right > 2 > right > 4 > right > 8 > wrong > 1 > wrong > 1 > right. > 2 …

If the first turn is paid 100 baht, if it is correct, the money will be rolled up twice. Place a bet in the next turn of 200 baht, another correct will be rolled up to 400 baht. Place a bet in the next turn, being correct, keep rolling until you lose the bet, come back to start counting. New 100 or if wrong, keep betting at the same 100 and so on. When it’s up to take the capital plus the profit that has been added to the next time again

This is another simple money walking formula. Gamblers are often used to play online baccarat games. But should not give a single formula. should find other formulas Try to switch the use of money. because of the ups and downs It often relies on luck and rhythm to play as well. Therefore, you should be conscious and focused on playing and making decisions as much as possible.