Teaching newbies to bet

Teaching newbies to bet football

nowadays, many online gambling websites are emerging every day. And they offer a wide variety of gambling styles. Whether it is casino, football betting, slots, poker, Dragon-Tiger and many others in online football betting Newbies may be confused as to why there are so many tables on the sports page. And it shows a lot of football betting markets, so we will teach online football betting only for newbies. or who is the starter on this road can follow us

How to start football betting

The first thing to do before starting online football betting is a subscription to the website Our first, then make a deposit into the system. And select the Sport page for the process of betting online on the top sports page when you come to this page. You will find many tables. There are two types of football betting: single ball and step ball. You can notice that in the main grid section with orange will be the ball table in the competition (i.e. there is a match at the moment) If scrolling down, a blue screen is a pair of balls that have not yet started. When observing at the top of the sports page You can choose whether you want to bet full time. or half time

how to view the table

When looking at the previous schedule that divides the match into half time and full time You will notice that there are 4 more sub-price channels.

• where the 1st and 4th cells (from left to right) refer to the cost per ball (usually a pair has a variety of prices)

• Box 2 refers to the home team or the home team

• Box 3 means away team

• Box 5 means bet Over Over

• Box 6 means bet placed under Under

by those actions. Will notice the list of football teams from the far left of the main table on the event page as follows:

• Team name in red means the next team

• Team name in blue / black means

the next team. Online must always have water bills involved. There are two types of water bills.

1). Negative type or one with red color Which means it is “part that is, the price is against” for example. If odds are -0.90 and you bet £100 on the next team, when you win, you’ll get your winning bet of £90

2). If it’s non-negative odds of 0.90, bet £100 if you win. Get a bet of 100 baht, but if you lose Will only lose 90 baht.

How to bet on football online

Players must choose which team to play. and click on the water value that you want to bet then look to the left The screen will show the water value you selected. and specify the amount you want to bet The system will show the winnings and losses to you at the price bet on that particular water value, then press OK.
In the event of a bet on a pair currently being played (Live), you will need to wait for the confirmation of the bill until your bet is accepted. when the bet is successful There will be a message confirming that the bet was successful or that the bet was successful.

Step football betting

Step football betting is to bet on two or more pairs of balls. in the first step Players must select the desired water value. as I said You will have to choose two or more pairs of online football betting at this step. But must not exceed the number of pairs specified by the website (maybe 12 pairs), then enter the desired bet price and press OK.

Combo Parlay

This option allows the player to win more of their bet if they are all correct. There will be a method as follows. If you want to bet on a combo parlay also known as step combo You can choose which combo you want. There will be from two or more combos.